Engineered Wood Flooring Installation in Frisco TX

About Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood is a rich and beautiful material to decorate your home with. It has a unique structure and can be successfully installed in a variety of spaces where using solid wood wouldn’t be recommended. Looking just like a solid hardwood board, it can complement many styles while remaining solid and durable.

How Engineered Wood Floors are made

Having a certain knowledge of the production process will make you a smart buyer and help you choose the right flooring material for your remodeling project.

Unlike solid hardwood engineered hardwood consists of a pile of wood planks. The number of those thin sheets can vary between three and five. Once they are stacked onto each other they get laminated to form one plank.
The piling method is perhaps the most important part of the manufacturing process. The plies in the core are tightly glued onto each other at an angle to form a so-called ‘cross-ply construction’. This gives the finished board more stability and durability. The 90-degree layout also minimizes the expansion and contraction caused by changing humidity levels by 80% making it possible to install engineered hardwood over concrete subfloors and radiant heating systems.
The more plies the floor has, the better it’s quality. The top finish layer is made of real solid hardwood.

How to care for engineered wood floors

If you want your floor to keep its fresh look for longer, we have some tips for you.
However, please keep in mind that not all floors and not even all engineered hardwood floors are made equal, so for best results look up the maintenance advice from your floor manufacturer.

Clean your floors regularly

Make a habit of sweeping and/or vacuum your floods on daily basis. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft flooring attachment.

Cut down on cleaners

For the best result avoid excessive use of cleaning substances. Instead, make sure but you are using the right one for your floor type.

Act fast

Wipe up spills right away. Engineered floors might be more resistant to liquids than solid floors but excess water can still cause a damage.

Don’t use wax

Stay away from wax if you don’t want to ruin your non-wax floor. Using wax is only acceptable on floors with wax finish.

Use floor mats

Walk-off mats are a simple way to protect your floor’s finish from moisture, dirt, grains of sand and any other harmful elements.

Avoid wearing high heeled shoes indoors

High heeled shoes or shoes with spikes can seriously damage the upper wear layer of the floor leaving permanent marks.

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