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The Best Wood Flooring for Dog-Friendly Homes: Durability and Cost Considerations

Welcome to our in-depth product roundup featuring the top five types of wood flooring that are perfect for households with dogs. As a flooring specialist with years of experience, I am thrilled to share my expertise and recommendations to help you make an informed decision. 


In this blog post, we will explore oak, maple, hickory, and Brazilian walnut, assessing their suitability as dog-friendly wood flooring options based on various criteria.

Why You Should Trust My Choices

I have dedicated my career to understanding the intricacies of different flooring materials. I have helped numerous homeowners and business owners select the ideal flooring for their needs, including those with furry friends. With a deep knowledge of wood flooring and a firsthand understanding of its performance in dog-friendly environments, I aim to provide you with reliable advice and insights you can trust.


To get started, here is a comparison table to abbreviate, if you’re in a hurry!

Product Average Price Durability (1-10 score) Water Resistance (1-10 score)
Oak Affordable 9 4
Maple Moderate 8 5
Hickory Mid to High 9 3
Brazilian Walnut High 10 2


Our Top Hardwood Flooring Choices For Homes With Dogs


Oak hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice for homeowners looking for a classic and durable flooring option. With its warm and inviting tones, oak brings a timeless charm to any space.


  • Durable
  • Available In Various Colors
  • Offers Good Scratch Resistance


  • Moderate Water Resistance
  • May Require Occasional Maintenance

Why I Chose Oak Hardwood Flooring

Through first-hand experience, I can confidently say that oak hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for homes with dogs. Reviews from pet owners on various websites also rave about oak’s exceptional durability, with many mentioning how it withstands the energetic playfulness of their furry companions without showing signs of wear. Oak’s scratch resistance is highly praised, giving dog owners peace of mind knowing their floors can handle the occasional excitement of claws. 


Additionally, the wide range of color options available in oak allows homeowners to find the perfect match for their home’s style while enjoying the timeless beauty of this classic flooring option.



Maple is another hardwood species that is highly durable and suitable for homes with dogs. It has a dense grain structure, which contributes to its scratch resistance. Maple flooring is known for its light color and smooth finish, offering a clean and timeless look.


  • Strong And Durable
  • Offers Extensive Color Options


  • Moderate Scratch Resistance
  • May Require Regular Maintenance


Why I Chose Maple Hardwood Flooring

I firmly believe that maple hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for homes with dogs. Other pet owners also consistently praise maple’s strength and durability, mentioning how it withstands the energetic antics of their furry friends while maintaining its beautiful appearance.


Additionally, many reviews highlight maple’s wide range of color options, allowing homeowners to find a shade that complements their home’s style while enjoying a flooring option that is both stunning and resilient.


Hickory is an incredibly hard and dense hardwood species, making it an excellent choice for dog-friendly homes. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, including the running and playing of dogs, without showing significant signs of wear. Hickory’s natural grain patterns add character and charm to any space.


  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Great Scratch Resistance


  • Less Water-Resistant
  • Limited Color Options


Why I Chose Hickory Hardwood Flooring


Throughout the years, I have gathered valuable insights from my many customers, as well as reviews around the web, and I strongly believe that hickory hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for homes with dogs. 


Homeowners consistently rave about hickory’s exceptional durability and scratch resistance, with many mentioning how it stands up remarkably well to the wear and tear caused by their energetic pets. These reviews confirm that hickory’s natural grain patterns add character to any space, making it a beautiful and long-lasting option for dog-friendly homes.


Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut, also known as Ipe, is one of the hardest wood species available. It has an impressive Janka hardness rating, making it highly resistant to scratches and dents. Brazilian walnut offers a rich and dark appearance, adding elegance to any room.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Excellent Scratch Resistance


  • Limited Color Options
  • Lower Water Resistance

Why I Chose Brazilian Walnut Hardwood Flooring

I strongly believe that Brazilian walnut hardwood flooring is an outstanding choice for homes with dogs. I’ve analyzed the consistent praise of ts incredible durability and scratch resistance, with many expressing how it has withstood the energetic playfulness of their furry companions without showing any signs of wear. These reviews confirm that Brazilian walnut’s rich, dark brown color and exceptional strength make it an excellent investment for dog-friendly homes seeking both elegance and resilience in their flooring choice.

Flooring Buying Guide for Dog-Friendly Homes

Shopping for Flooring

When choosing flooring for dog-friendly homes, consider factors such as scratch resistance, durability, and water resistance. Opt for hardwood species with high Janka hardness ratings and finishes specifically designed to resist scratches.


What to Look For

Look for flooring options that have strong protective coatings, such as aluminum oxide finishes, to enhance scratch resistance. Additionally, consider engineered wood flooring, which offers better stability and resistance to moisture.


Trustworthy Brands

Choose reputable flooring brands known for their quality, customer satisfaction, and positive reviews from pet owners.



In conclusion, oak, maple, hickory, and Brazilian walnut are all fantastic choices for dog-friendly wood flooring. Each offers unique advantages, ranging from exceptional durability to extensive color options. 


Remember to consider factors like scratch resistance, water resistance, and maintenance requirements when making your final decision. For a wide range of quality wood flooring options, I encourage you to explore GC Flooring Pros, where you’ll find the perfect flooring solution for your dog-friendly home.


FAQ: The Best Wood Flooring for Dog-Friendly Homes

Will these wood floors show scratches from dog claws?

While no wood flooring is entirely scratch-proof, the types mentioned above have excellent scratch resistance. Regularly trimming your dog’s nails and using protective measures like rugs or paw pads can further minimize the risk of visible scratches.

Can these wood floors handle accidents and spills?

While wood floors are not inherently waterproof, the recommended options offer varying degrees of water resistance. Promptly wiping up spills and avoiding excessive water exposure will help maintain the integrity of the wood.

Can these wood floors be refinished if they get damaged?

Yes, most hardwood floors, including oak, maple, hickory, and Brazilian walnut, can be refinished to restore their original beauty. It’s always advisable to consult a professional flooring contractor for refinishing projects to ensure the best results.


At the end of the day, selecting the best wood flooring for your dog-friendly home is about finding the right balance between aesthetics, durability, and practicality. Take your time, explore different options, and make an informed decision that suits your needs and lifestyle.